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Biscoff Cinnamon Apple Rolls


You just know these are going to be good right? I mean good even before I tell you they are super duper easy peasy to make and quick to boot. For minimal effort(doesn’t take long to stew apples  does it?) you get maximum results. Even if it is using ready made pizza dough I don’t care. Sometimes life is just too short to make your own dough!

BOOM! <as the kids these days say! 😀


What you will need:

For the dough:

one tube of JusRol pizza dough


For the cinnamon filling:

1/2(ish) a jar of crunchy Lotus Biscoff spread


For the for the apple filling:

Here’s the hard part make some stewed apples! 2 Bramley apples chopped plus 1-2 tbsp water and 1-2 tbsp light brown sugar(depending on your taste). Place everything in a small pan and cook over low heat until apples are soft and tender.

However, if you have been making apple butter(or have scored a jar from a kindly neighbour/relative/friend) then this would be perfect here!



What to do:

To make the rolls open the tube of dough and roll out.

Spread half of the dough with Biscoff and then the other with stewed apple(or apple butter). Remember to leave a gap at the top edge so your filling won’t squish out!


Carefully roll up.

Cut into two inch pieces, this size makes a perfect two bite roll, and place into a baking tin(or a muffin pan).


image <this is a photo of the Biscoff spread only rolls so don’t write to me and tell me they look odd, I know. I forgot to take a picture of the apple ones! oops

Brush with a little melted butter and bake at 200c for 12-15mins.

Remove from over and cool before drizzling with a little icing.







^that is a photo of the Biscoff only rolls again, but they are so pretty I had to show you! I rolled these from the short end(left to right) this time which made lots of lovely cinnamony layers-yum!



Toffee Apple Cake!


I had a Wright’s (<click here to see their site & more delicious bread and cake mixes) cake in the cupboard, I actually bought it with the intention of making a cake with the wee one. Oops!



It’s ok though, he was busy with the play dough I had made, we’ll bake a cake another day 🙂

I wanted to bake something that was not just the regular toffee cake and I had some bramleys kicking about that I felt I should use up. Simple, let’s make a toffee apple cake!

Easy, tasty and quick what more could you ask for? By the way, this is MUCH yummier than you imagine a packet could ever taste, nobody will ever guess it was from a mix, honest!


What I used:

1x Wright’s Toffee Cake mix
3 medium Bramley apples, chopped and then stewed in 1tbsp water until soft
40mls Rape seed oil
100mls Milk
80mls Water
1/4 tsp Vanilla paste
1/4 tsp Baking powder
Small handful of pecan nuts, chopped

For the top:

4-5 Pecans, chopped
1tbsp Demerara sugar


What I did:

First off  stew the apples, until soft but not completely smushed*, set aside to cool

Tip baking mix into large bowl

Add other ingredients(and apple)

Pour into 9″x9″ lined pan

Sprinkle on the topping

Bake at 350(180) for about a hour or until a toothpick comes out clean

Remove from oven ad place o rack for 1-15 mins before turning out to completely cool

Eat! 🙂

*actual technical baking terminology




Cinnamon Apple Pie Toasted Sandwiches!

The idea for this struck me the other night when the Stroppy Teen had asked “what’s for pudding?” in that way he does, before anything savoury has passed his lips at the dinner table(do ALL teenagers do this? It’s beyond infuriating)! It was only until he got in today that I actually tried it out. Much to his amusement, here I was offering a sweet treat well before dinner time, not the norm by any means! I keep telling myself it was/is all in the name of “research” and that tomorrow it’s back to a sandwich or apple for chomping after school.

Anyhoo, let’s get on with this…


Sometimes you just “need” a piece of apple pie don’t you? Thought so.

Well, if you’re stuck for such a thing and without the time to get to the supermarket/bakers/your Granny’s to get one fear not, I you have a jar of apple sauce in the cupboard, some bread, butter and spice you are a go! It’s great if you happen to have a fresh apple kicking around too, but this is totally do-able without it, I just think it adds a bit more crunch and taste but I wouldn’t not make these just because I am apple-less.


I used:

The English Provender Co’s Bramley Apple Sauce with Calvados(get me all posh….ok it was in an Xmas hamper, I’m not usually that swish!)

A Braeburn apple

Bread(don’t be fancy here, you want that plasticky sort of bread so that you can mush* the edges together)

Soft brown sugar



And here’s what I did:

  • Spread one slice of bread with a generous layer of apple sauce.
  • Chop up the apple, if using, and place small pieces o the apple sauce.
  • Place other piece of bread on top of that.
  • Press the top bread at the edges all around the edges to kind of “seal” them together.
  • Butter the top slice of bread a sprinkle with soft brown sugar, then some cinnamon. I like it very cinnamony but do this to your taste. Press sugar down on to the bread lightly to adhere to the butter.
  • Carefully, so as all the sugar doesn’t fall off, place your toastie sugar side down in a cold pan(I don’t wan’t you burning yourself!)
  • Turn heat on under the pan
  • Carefully butter and sugar the other side. If you think you might even burn yourself at this point, then please do this part when the heat is off also.
  • Cook until crisped and golden at the edges
  • Turn over and repeat

When cooked put on your plate and wait at least 5-10 mins! these are hot-Think McD’s apple pie hot!! I tried to eat my piece before I should have and burnt my tongue. Don’t be me, wait it out. Be warned.

These are so darned tasty I might just have to make them again for pudding tonight too.