Caramel Wafers

Being Scottish there a number of things you’re required to be fond of; whisky, haggis, the songs Flower o’ Scotland and 500 Miles, shortbread, rugby, and a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer(or at very least a teacake)*

I love all of those things, ok my haggis is a veggie version and my whisky tends to be in the hot MacDonald form but what’s a wee bending of “the rules” between friends, eh?


A long time ago I tried a type of caramel wafer in a coffee shop and decided I could do a homespun version myself, and aye it works! In fact it works really well!

What you need:

4oz butter

4oz sugar

4tbsp syrup

1 can condensed milk

1 packet Ryvita(trust me it works!)

2 big bars or so of chocolate for covering

What to do:

Put sugar, butter, syrup, and condensed milk in a pan and slowly heat over a low flame until the sugar is dissolved. Don’t rush this part because if not fully melted, the sugar will remain gritty in your caramel. 


Turn the heat up to med/high and bring to the boil, stirring all the while. 

Boil until thickened and slightly(!) darkened in colour. This will take about 10 minutes or so. 


Remove from the heat. 

Being very very careful spread a thick layer of caramel on the bumpy side of 7-8 Ryvita. Next do the same on the smooth side of 7-8 Ryvita. 

Place a smooth, caramel down Ryvita on to the bumpy side, caramel up Ryvita, and press lightly together. Do same with the others. 

Spread a layer of caramel onto the bumpy side of the Ryvita that is now on the top. Spread caramel on the bumpy side of 7-8 more single  Ryvitas then press onto the “tower” you’re building. That’s bumpy side down on top of bumpy side up(both carameled). Orrrrrrr something like that. Basically make a tower of Ryvitas ending with a smooth side on top facing you. 


Set aside to set.

Melt the chocolate then use to coat your wafers. 

Set aside to dry. 

Tah daaaah! Caramel wafers.


*this is the shortened list, I may have left a few things off like; pies, and tablet and golf and kilts and Irn Bru and bridies and The Beano(or Dandy) and bagpipes…oh and the Krankies


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