An Old Book and Some Good Advice.



When Granny passed away last year we found this book when sorting through her things. Given the age of the book my partner thinks it probably was his Great Grandmother’s book(it was published in 1936).

It’s falling apart, the spine barely holding the cover around the yellowing leaves within. But I love turning the thick old pages, wondering what household tip or piece of sage advice I will come to next. I “read” it not by turning to the correct date, nor by even reading cover to cover, I kind of just flick to a page and see what’s there. I truth I am frightened to actually read methodically from start to finish, I don’t really want to find I have come to the end as it were(perhaps me over thinking, but a bit of my mind thinks the end of the book just would remind me again of how Granny is no longer here to pass along these wee gems herself).

I was reminded last night thanks to Jen Gale and her (insert hashtag here>) makedoandmendhour that it is fit to bursting with frugal tips, thoughts for the day and thrifty ideas. So here we go…

A thought..






A  thrifty tip..


or two..



I’ll post more as I discover them..



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