Random Recipes entry Feb- Chocolate Chip Scones!

This month is chocolate for Belleau Kitchen‘s Random Recipe challenge, incidentally it’s a collaborative thang between Dom and Choclette of  We Should Cocoa.

Yay for chocolate!


This time I let my teenager choose my entry by picking a book he fancied from the shelf and then a page(I made sure it was from the chocolate section)! He picked out Chocolate Chip Scones. Lucky for us we love chocolate and we love scones, we reckoned it was a win-win divine intervention type of “message”.

Though I have made many a chocolate chip scone in my time(in my brother’s coffee shop I was the baker) but never added marmalade to them. Being a small coastal town, and not used to something as “way out” as chocolate in a scone, I was up against it to try and convince locals they were/are good. Those who braved the choc studded delicacies were pleasantly surprised(I managed to resist the urge to shout “told you so!” at them).


This recipe, from the Great British Bake Off Everday,  is easy, as scone recipes tend to be, you most probably have all the ingredients in your cupboards right now. It was not dissimilar to my own chocolate chip version, aside from a couple of  big differences, one being the addition of milk chocolate.  To my mind milk choc is just going to be way too sweet in something that ultimately supposed to be quite plain. I mean if you want a piece of cake(& don’t care about the calories), you buy a piece of cake don’t you?

So, having always added only 70% dark chocolate to my scones (I don’t like them sickly sweet personally) I went with my gut instinct and that’s what I did here.  I also was concerned the marmalade alone was not going to be strong enough a flavour so I added some orange oil. Just as well I did, even with that addition the orange taste was barely there. I also found in the cupboard a citrus sugar grinder from Lakeland and brushed the tops of my scones with milk and ground some on the tops, it added a nice crunch and citrus flavour. In future I shall not be afraid to go nuts with the sugar as I think this was my favourite bit of the whole scone!*


Overall it was a success but to be honest I think  I may just make my choc chip scones and smother them in marmalade to eat, that way I think I’ll taste much more orangeyness! 🙂

Top Tip: These are best warm and eaten on the day they are made! 🙂

*On doing a bit of an online search I think Lakeland have stopped doing the sugar grinders,  but I am pretty sure if you’re a foodie type you can rustle something similar up!




4 thoughts on “Random Recipes entry Feb- Chocolate Chip Scones!

  1. You should totally try it! if you want something chocolatey but not as unhealthy as a choc cake, it’s my go-to recipe! 🙂

  2. Oops, just discovered this via Dom’s round-up. Now adding it to mine. I’ve made a few variations on chocolate scones and I’ve enjoyed them all, but I’ve never used marmalade before. You’d have thought that would have given a good orangey flavour. I’m with you on the sweetness, can’t stand overly sweet scones and I think your dark chic chips was the best idea.

    1. I thought that it would have been nice & orange flavoured too, perhaps my homemade marmalade not as orangey as some bought jars? Not sure.
      Regardless of that fact, it was a great challenge this month! 🙂

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