Random Recipe entry and some random thoughts

So my wee one did the “random” bit for me(whilst I hovered like a hawk so he didn’t crumple any pages. Why I thought it was a good idea to let him near the book I don’t know, I am sure I have aged about 5 years!

Did I mention I like books? Nice, neat books with perfect spines and no dog earred pages. Well, I do.)

Anyways he selected page 77 of Baking (from my home to yours) by Dorie Greenspan, thus giving me Dorie’s Molasses Spice Cookies for Belleau Kitchen‘s Random Recipes challenge, nice! 🙂

So here go, this recipe is super easy and oh my word the smell whilst baking(& end result) is amazing! Thank you small person!

If you are any sort of foodie type at all you most probably have all the ingredients for these cookies sitting in your larder right now. They are so simple to make they would be a great “baking day” activity with small people. *Makes mental note to do this myself*

You start by creaming butter and sugar together.

The add in the egg, molasses(or black treacle if you are like me) ad mix again.

Finally you gradually mix in the flour/baking soda/spices(Dorie includes in the recipe to use a “pinch” of black pepper, well my boys like spicy peppery so I ground up some and put in a pretty big pinch!) and mix taking care not to overwork anything!

spice cookies 1

You are left with a soft dough, which needs chilling down in either the freezer(30 mins) or fridge(a hour or until you want to use it).

Here’s my dough all wrapped up and ready to go into the freezer, yes, I am impatient!

spice cookies 2

take your cookie dough and roll into balls, sugar them and place on your baking sheet.

sugared balls            flattened balls2

I really would recommend doing the whole tossing the cookie balls in sugar then flattening to bake, makes for a nice crunchy exterior, totally worth the faff in my book!

Please ignore the photo of the flattened dough, well, in as much ignore the amount on the sheet! Ms Greenspan reckons you’ll get about 12 on a baking sheet, which I have to say is optimistic, I only managed 5 or 6(walnut sized balls, then flattened to discs about 3 inches across) as they seam to spread quite a bit, you don’t need to see the photo of my first shot at it. Suffice to say it was one big sheet of spicy cookie! :/

So don’t be me, give them plenty of space to “grow”, unless you like HUGE cookies in the shape of a rectangle, as is your wont.

I love this recipe! it is easy to follow and makes loads of cookies. And the end result, is a spiced cookie, full of peppery, gingery fire with a real depth, crunchy and crisp that seem to me to be even better the next day.

spice cookie reveal

Go forward, bake and enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Random Recipe entry and some random thoughts

  1. they just look so perfect and so adorable… I can just imagine myself making these this weekend… a lovely random recipes pick and a great entry, thank you so much … such a lovely post and a great story!

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