New Year-New Stuff!

2014 means lots of things to me. This is the year we will move home & relocate to a new part of Scotland, Fife! Having done the whole “flitting”(Scottish term for house move) many many times, let’s see…nine times(gosh even more times than I remembered!) I am dreading the actual shifting of possessions from one location to another. The fact however that this will be the last  time is something both reassuring and joyous too! It’s all a bit of a confusing one.


So, coupled with a house move, decorating the WHOLE place and serious toddler/teenager taming I shall also be  “cooking some books” which is to say I will be taking recipes from cook books and seeing how they work out. There  will, I assure you be much tweaking, fiddling and jiggery pokery, I rarely leave anything alone(sometimes a recipe just doesn’t “sound” right to me, y’know how it is? No? Just me then? My hubby might just be right, I AM a weirdo?) but the end result is usually always good.




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